“JASS has been life-changing. [...] thanks for the program” 

     - Sabrina

"Thanks for creating this. This sacred group of beautiful, inspiring people. I'm truly thankful. It has given me the hope and energy I needed"

     - anonymous

"I am truly & deeply grateful for having the opportunity to participate in JASS.

[...] a wonderful space for growth in knowledge, activism, understanding and tolerance in many ways.

I walk away with new understanding and new perspectives.

I definitely have grown in many ways from the 3 weeks in Berlin. Thank you very much"

     - anonymous

"I learned a lot -- and a lot of things I didn't anticipate"

     - anonymous

“I am grateful for being given the chance to meet you all at JASS and learned a lot that gave me a very different perspective on looking at issues in the world”

     - Simcha

“I'm such a big fan of the program. I think both JASS and the participants are doing great things in the world and I loved spending time with you all. It was a fantastic experience”

     - Mai Amit, instructor and former participant

“I learned so much more than I expected, I met awesome people and I learned a lot about myself” 

     - Orlando

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