Instructors & Courses 2017

Radhika Borde

(International Union for the Conservation of Nature, Specialist Group on the Cultural and Spiritual Values of Protected Areas) 

"Activism between the Community and the Environment: From India to the Czech Republic, a Personal Example"

Prof. Micha Brumlik

(Center for Jewish Studies Berlin-Brandenburg)

"Hegel's Jewish Pupils and Followers"

Prof. Irit Dekel

(Visiting Professor for Israel Studies, Jewish Studies Program, the Unviersity of Virginia)

"Dialogical Activism: Memory and Reconciliation, Self and Other"


Prof. Joshua Dubler

(University of Rochester) 

"Why Mass Criminalization is a Jewish Issue"

Rabbi Yehoshua Engelman


"The Ethics of Generosity"

Vicente Rodriguez Fernandez

(Co-director University of Washington Legacies of Empires winter abroad program, founder RomaPop, Vice-President ternYpe International Roma Youth Network)

and - 

Jonathan Mack

(Central Council of German Sinti and Roma, Heidelberg)


"RomaPop, Jewish, Romani and Black advocacy for fair representation in Comics"


"Facing the Terror, the Romani social movement and the rising of neo-fascism"

Pari Ibrahim

(Founder Free Yezidi Foundation, Amsterdam)

Maia Ipp


"Whose Stories Are You Carrying? Critical Self-Awareness for Activists" 


Yonathan Keren

(House of Deep Democracy, Amsterdam)

"Deep Democracy Training"

Prof. Admiel Kosman 

(School of Jewish Theology, Universität Potsdam)

"Bein Adam LeHavero - Interpersonal Responsibilities"

Elad Lapidot

(Freie Universität Berlin/Universität der Künste)

"Nefesh HaChaim: (The Soul of Life): Chaim Volozhin's Manifesto for Intellectual Activism"

Matty Mitford

(The Black Fish Foundation)

"Citizen Inspectors Fight Illegal Overfishing"

Arne Kvernvik Nilsen

(Governor, Correctional Services South Region, Norway)

"Nature-environmental programme for prisoners. Why prisoners? What works? Punishment or a supporting environment?"

Rabbi Micha Odenheimer 

(Founder and Director Tevel B’Tzedek, Jerusalem)

"Torah as Radical Economics"

Dekel Peretz

(Moses Mendelssohn Center, Potsdam)

"Jews, Naturalism and the Berlin Avant-garde in the Early 20th Century."

Lorna Ritchie

"Nonviolent Communication"


Nigel Savage

(Hazon, New York)

"Founding and Leading a Non-profit: Lessons from Hazon"
"Food, Land, Farming and Jewish Life"
"Leadership Lab: Four Questions"
"Text and Context: Ecology, Interpretation and Leadership"

Prof. Jonathan Schorsch 

(School of Jewish Theology, Universität Potsdam)

"The Ecosystems of Activism"

"Nonviolent Action: The Work of Gene Sharp"

"Measuring Success: Alternatives to GNP and GDP"

Prof. Shani Tzoref

(Abraham Geiger College, Berlin/School of Jewish Theology, Universität Potsdam)

"Speaking (Veiled) Truth to Power: Biblical Insights towards Empathy and Restorative Justice"


Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg

(Senior Rabbi of Massorti Judaism UK)

"Tikkun Olam and Tikkun Hanefesh: Fixing the World, Fixing the Self"
"The Dangers of Action without Spirituality and Spirituality without Action"
"The Spiritual Triangle of Self, Other and Nature"

Past Programs

Local Projects 2017 

These are some of the local organizations and projects that we partnered with during the summer of 2017. 

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