Women's Suffrage

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Women’s Right to Vote


One hundred years ago, in 1918, England, Germany and Poland finally gave women the right to vote.  This right was won through a decades-long struggle by women and their male allies that involved lobbying, publications, agitation and protests.  The right to vote for women, which many now take for granted, required the overcoming of millennia of dismissive attitudes, religious, cultural and political norms and exclusionary laws.

    The campaign for women’s suffrage is a great example of activism’s power and reach.  We at JASS dedicate this 2018 program to the numerous women and men who toiled, faced ridicule, received punishment and even suffered death in order to bring about the end of an unjust state of affairs.  They are a true inspiration to us.  We will highlight and reflect on their extraordinary struggles and achievements over the course of our program.

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