Instructors and Courses 2020*

Mai Amit

Design researcher at Designit; JASS Alumna

An Activist's Introduction to Complex Systems Theory


Charlotte Fischer

Senior Organizer, Citizens UK

Building Power to Win Justice - Jewish Community Organizing

Vicente Rodriguez Fernandez

Co-director University of Washington Legacies of Empires winter abroad program, founder of RomaPop, Vice-President of ternYpe International Roma Youth Network

with - 

Jonathan Mack

Central Council of German Sinti and Roma, Heidelberg

  • RomaPop, Jewish, Romani and Black advocacy for fair representation in Comics

  • Facing the Terror, the Romani social movement and the rising of neo-fascism

Dalia Grinfeld

President, Jüdische Studierendenunion Deutschland / Jewish Student Union of Germany (JSUD)

  • Jewish Student Activism in today’s Germany

  • Jewish Student Activism: A Case Study

Kostis Karpozilos

Director, Contemporary Social History Archives (Athens)
Abraham Benaroya, the Sephardic Founder of Greek Labor Socialism

Yonathan Keren

House of Deep Democracy, Amsterdam

An Introduction to Deep Democracy and The Work of Byron Katie: Two Routes to Self-Exploration

Raul Krauthausem

Activist for inclusion and Accessibility, Founder of SOZIALHELDEN

Role Models: Stella Young


Wenzel Michalski

Germany Director, Human Rights Watch

The Situation Today: Challenges and Opportunities

Dr. Darko Mitevski

President, NaturKultur, Bremen

Group Trainings

Rabbi Micha Odenheimer 

Founder and former director of Tevel B’Tzedek, Jerusalem

The Torah of Globalization

Anja Olejnik

JDC Germany

Training European Jewish Communities for Resilience

Dekel Peretz

Jüdisches Zentrum Synagoge Fraenkelufer, Berlin

Gustav Landaur and Early 20th-Century Jewish Theopolitics

*confirmed so far

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